Call For Papers (CFP-Flyer)

ICRAE 2024 conference seeks original, high-quality submissions which improve and further the knowledge related to all aspects of robotics and automation engineering, with an emphasis on implementations and experimental results.

ICRAE will accept two forms of submissions:
1. Abstract: If you'd like to make the presentation only, welcome you to submit the abstract. But please note that abstract could be accepted for presentation only.
2. Full Paper: The full paper should be no less than 5 pages. Full paper could be accepted for publication and presentation.

Conference Topics

The conference topics are included, but not limited to:

A. Control Theory and Control Systems

A01. Linear Systems and Control

A02. Nonlinear Systems and Control

A03. Constrained Control 

A04. Robust Control

A05. Optimal Control

A06. Adaptive Control and Learning Control

A07. Process Control

A08. Predictive Control

A09. Variable Structure Control

A10. System Modeling and Identification

A11. Networked Control Systems

A12. Stochastic Systems

A13. Chaotic Systems

A14. Multi-Agent Systems and Distributed Control

A15. Advanced Control Algorithms and Applications

A16. Nonlinear Signals and Systems

A17. Real-time Systems Control & Time Series and System Modeling


C. Intelligent Robots and Brain-like Intelligence

C01. Fundamentals of Robotics

C02. Industrial Robots and Intelligent Manufacturing

C03. Space Robots

C04. Ocean Robots

C05. Mobile Robots and Autonomous Systems

C06. Medical Robots

C07. Service Robots and Intelligent Society

C08. Rehabilitation Robotics, Haptics and Assistive Technology

C09. Space and Underwater Robots

C10. Telerobotics and Teleoperation

C11. Reasoning about Action for Intelligent Robots

C12. Bionic Robot

C13. Anti-terrorist and Anti-riot Robot

C14. Human-robot Interaction

C15. Motion Planning and Algorithms

C16. Sensory and Visual Feedback in Robots

C17. Machine Intelligence

C18. Brain-like Intelligence

C19. Deep Learning for Control and Automation

C20. Real-time Computing, Perception, and Decision Making

C21. Interaction for Autonomous Robots and Robot Operating System

C22. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Autonomous Systems

C23. Robotics and Engineering Application


B. Intelligent Automation Systems and Applications

B01. Computational Intelligence and Applications 

B02. Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Machine Learning

B03. Neural Networks and Control

B04. Fuzzy Systems and Fuzzy Control

B05. Intelligent Automation, Manufacturing and Management Systems 

B06. Biomedical Systems and Biosystems Automation 

B07. Cyber Physical Systems and Sensor Networks

B08. Cybernetics

B09. Intelligent Warehouses

B10. Intelligent Transportation Technologies and Systems

B11. Speech Recognition & Signal Reconstruction

B12. Hierarchical Control

B13. Artificial Intelligence Technology and Application 

B14. Data-based Modeling and Control

B15. Data-based Diagnosis

B16. Data-based Optimization, Scheduling, and Decision Making

B17. Data-based Operations and Quality Control

B18. Data-based System Performance Analysis



Conference Publication

Submitted papers will be sent to around 2-3 reviewers for peer review. And accepted and presented papers after proper registration and presentation, will be published in the ICRAE 2024 Conference Proceedings.
如往届会议一样,经严格的审稿之后,被录用并报告的文章,将出版到ICRAE 2024会议论文集,并提交EI核心以及Scopus检索。

Please submit your full paper or abstract to Electronic Submission System

Paper Template

Submission Deadline for Full Papers and Abstracts: July 25, 2024

Notification Date for Final Review Results: August 25, 2024

Conference Policy

1. By submitting a manuscript to ICRAE, authors acknowledge that it has not been previously published or accepted for publication in substantially similar form in any peer-reviewed venue including journal, conference, workshop, or archival forum. Furthermore, no paper substantially similar in content has been or will be submitted to another conference or workshop during the review period.

2. The submitted papers will be checked for plagiarism, including self-plagiarism firstly. Any plagiarism will be intolerant and will be rejected directly.