ICRAE 2022

2022 7th International Conference on Robotics and Automation Engineering

Singapore | November 18-20, 2022



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2022 7th International Conference on Robotics and Automation Engineering(ICRAE 2022) has been held successfully in NTU@one-north, Singapore on November 18-20, 2022 in hybrid virtual style. ICRAE 2022 conference is is co-sponsored by Singapore Institute of Electronics and Sensors, Systems Society of Singapore, IEEE and IEEE Robotics & Automation Society. Due to travel restrictions, which is affected by COVID-19, ICRAE 2022 was held in Singapore in hybrid virtual style. There were around 100 participants from over 15 countries, including Singapore, USA, China, Italy, the Philippines, Malaysia, Germany, Thailand, Canada, etc. to attend the ICRAE 2022 conference.

ICRAE 2022 conference invited lots of prestigious experts in the areas of robotics and automation engineering to attend the conference, including: Prof. Jan Peters, IEEE Fellow, Technische Universitaet Darmstadt, Germany; Prof. Richard Voyles, IEEE Fellow, Purdue University, USA; Assoc. Prof. Xie Ming, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Prof. Gentiane Venture, University of Tokyo, Japan; Prof. Everett X. Wang, Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; Prof. Sardar M. N. Islam, Victoria University, Australia; Prof. Ding Wang, Beijing University of Technology, China, etc.

Besides the keynote speeches, there were 10 technical sessions for authors' live and online presentations in the areas of followings:
Onsite S1: Robot and Motion Control;
Onsite S2: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Onsite S3: Mobile Robot and Functional Test
Online S2: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence;
Online S1: Machine Vision and Intelligent Robot;
Online S3: Machine Vision and Digital Image Processing;
Online S4: Control System and Intelligent Monitoring Technology;
Online S5: System Model and Intelligent Computing;
Online S6: Control, Simulation and Optimization of Intelligent Robot System;
Online S7: Autonomous Navigation and Path Planning;
Online S8: Machine Vision and Digital Image Processing.
After evaluations from session chairs, 10 best presenters were selected among all presenters. In order to encourage student authors, ICRAE 2022 added the Best Student Paper Award this year. Referring to the reviewing comments from TPC member and some suggestions from conference committees, we finally selected 1 Best Student Paper Award. Congratulations to these winners.


Best Student Paper Award

Paper Title: Interactive Path-Following Method of Snake-like Robot

Presenter: Cheng Wang, Zhejiang University, China


Best Presentation Awards

Onsite Session 1

Paper Title: Design of a Deployable Cargo Vessel Based on Autonomous Surface Vehicle to Aid Offshore Maritime Shipping

Presenter: Hou Linxin, National University of Singapore, Singapore


Onsite Session 2

Paper Title: A Magnetically and Electrically Powered Hybrid Microbot in Conductive Solutions: Synergistic propulsion Effects and Cargo Transport

Presenter: Yue Wu, School of Mechanical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University, Israel


Onsite Session 3

Paper Title: Meta-Conv1D Energy-Aware Path Planner for Mobile Robots in Unstructured Terrains

Presenter: Marco Visca, University of Surrey, UK


Online Session 1

Paper Title: Low-centroid crawling motion for humanoid robot based on whole-body dynamics and trajectory optimization

Presenter: Mingyue Jin, Beijing Institute of Technology, China


Online Session 2

Paper Title: Examination of sampling-based path planning for indoor UAV using voxel grid-based Visual SLAM

Presenter: Trung-Tin Nguyen, RMIT University, Vietnam


Online Session 3

Paper Title: Design and Development of Autonomous Guided Vehicle for Flexible Manufacturing

Presenter: Tarinee Tonggoed, King Mongkut' s University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand


Online Session 4

Paper Title: COVID-19 Automatic Indoor Safety Control Through Mask, Temperature and Distance Monitoring

Presenter: Md. Ashfak Haider Nehal, BRAC University, Bangladesh


Online Session 5

Paper Title: Dynamics-aware Context Representation for Domain Adaptation in Reinforcement Learning

Presenter: Kai Deng, Tsinghua University, China


Online Session 6

Paper Title: Efficient delivery of Robotics Programming educational content using Cloud Robotics

Presenter: Leonardo Militano, Giovanni Toffetti and Remo Maurer, ZHAW, Switzerland


Online Session 7

Paper Title: A Visual-Inertial Localization with Point-Line Joint Constraint

Presenter: Hongyu Wei, Southeast University, China


Online Session 8

Paper Title: LSTS-VPR: Robust Visual Place Recognition in Challenging Environments Using Landmarks Associated with Spatiotemporal and Semantic Information

Presenter:Yi Hou, National University of Defense Technology, China