Program Overview

The final version of conference abstract will be sent to every participant by email around half a month before the conference. 会前半个月左右,会务组会通过邮件将终版的会议日程发给参会人员。

Here is the conference program. It may vary according to the change of participants' number. All time schedule will follow GMT+8 in Beijing local time.

Day 1 November 19, 2021

10 am--4 pm

Conference Sign-in and Materials Collection

2 pm--4 pm

Welcome Reception
Day 2 November 20, 2021
9 am--9:10 am Opening Remarks
9:10 am--9:50 am

Keynote Speech I

9:50 am--10:30 am Keynote Speech II
10:30 am--10:50 am

Break Time

10:50 am--11:30 am Keynote Speech III
11:30 am--12:10 pm Keynote Speech IV
12:10 pm--12:20 pm Group Photo Taking
12:20 pm--1:30 pm Lunch Time
1:30 pm--4 pm Session I for Authors' Presentations (live presentations/现场报告)
4 pm--4:15 pm Break Time
4:15 pm--6:15 pm Session II for Authors' Presentations (live presentations/现场报告)
6:15 pm--6:30 pm Awards Ceremony for Best Student Paper Award, and Best Presentation Awards for Session 1 and 2
6:30 pm--8:30 pm Dinner Banquet
Day 3 November 21, 2021
9:30 am--12 pm Session III for Authors' Presentations (Virtual Presentations/在线报告)
12 pm--2 pm Lunch Time
2 pm--4 pm Session IV for Authors' Presentations (Virtual Presentations/在线报告)
4 pm--4:15 pm Break Time
4:15 pm--6:15 pm Session V for Authors' Presentations (Virtual Presentations/在线报告)
6:15 pm--6:30 pm Best Presentation Awards for Session III, IV&V
6:30 pm--6:40 pm Closing Ceremony
Day 4 November 22, 2021
10 am--4 pm Academic Visiting or Social Program